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04-17-2003, 08:14 AM
Hello all. It has been a while since I posted anything to this board but here is some "grist for the mill". I have installed a 750 CFM Accel 4 barrel TBI with all of the sensors, MAP, coolant temp, air temp, throttle position, etc. I also down loaded and saved the "golbal information" from the ECM into a file in the CALMAP program that I am going to use to do all of the calibration.

This also encorporates an ECU controlled small body HEI which I had made for me by a local machinist useing a GM small body and an Internation distributor married up. (I thought that the International portion of the distributor was going to do an organ rejection on the GM portion of the organ transplant. ha ha a little Navy Corpsman humor)

As most of you know, Accel and others are factory set up for a GM350 and this is ok for the basic startup and test of my new SV 392, yes Bill USN-1 the one that is in my School Bus conversion.
Now the School bus, named "YEPABUS" weighs in at 11000 lbs at the scales fully loaded with both fuel tanks and 40 gallons of fresh water. 5 speed manual transmission. t-36

So lets cut to the chase. I need to know where to find the factory vavuum advance spark tables to the standard SV 392 for a "Loadstar chasis" so that I can do an initial calabration of the spark curve settings in my ECU, as well as any other basic information. Oh yea the injectors are 45 lb per hour and there are 4 of them that all inject at the same time due to the fact the the Accel 3 barrel opens all 4 barrels all of the time,

Thank you for this really neat board for all of use who are a "cut above" the standard "bow tie crowd"

Tom Dangelo aka YEPABUS

04-17-2003, 11:48 AM
Several of those charts are up, just look for the FAQ's at:

Let us know how it goes?

All for barrels open at the same time?
That may be OK for a high reeving school bus motor but wouldn't it have a poor low end?