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no one intreasted any more?

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  • no one intreasted any more?

    after my last post i have not heard from anyone..... must be no one needs my parts.....2 more weeks than off to the junk yard it goes....sorry :(

    '73 scout II parting out
    parting it out... not many good body parts but do have a few. 345 motor , trans,transfercase & drive axles all good. Plow is in working order.e-maile me for details........fhahn

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    Cancel your old ad and start a new one, don't let good stuff go to junk, Don't look at me I am way to far!
    [CENTER]1994 Buick RoadMaSSter Estate Wagon LT1/4L60E. White and Woodgrain Sleeper...PCM 16188051 With SS/V4P/Custom Tune! WOT 12.9 AFR!

    1990 Chevy Suburban Silverado 5.7L 2wd ECM 1227747 HiWay Lean Cruise 18.5 MPG and 12.5 to 1 AFR at WOT!

    1972 IH 1210 Isky Cammed Balenced 345 4 speed PCM 16197427 Project!

    [SIZE=3][B][URL=""][/URL] EFI Conversions and Chip Tuners![/B][/SIZE]
    [B]May be all you need to know about EFI![/B]

    and I still help local JustIH members (for fun) free! :cool: [/CENTER]


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      AC Compressor

      Do you have a AC compressor in good shape and working order? What would be a fair price? :confused:
      [email protected]


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        sorry about that on this end

        ive run into a $$ snag

        i wrecked my daily driver and am shelling out some dough for that --rental car etc along with some other isseus with my employers company changing hands and payscheduling and stuff and dont avhe any cash to do any transactions right now

        i am/was very interested in doing some rumaging on your ig specailly teh drivetrain--but just cannot capitalize on that oppurtunity right now-
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          Fan Shroud

          I am looking for a fan shroud and fan? Thanks


          [email protected]


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            What type of axles do you have? How far upstate are you?


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              what kind of trany is it an auto or mannual.


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                scout plow

                we're in massachusetts and we could use your plow, please respond. thanks


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                  What axles and transfer case do you have? Is the windshield frame in good shape?


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                    I need a running 345 bad for my 68 800? do you have one? and if so how much are asking for it? Chuck Graley


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                      Snow Plow

                      Do you still have the snow plow? If so how much?

                      [email protected]


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                        how mutch do you want for the moter and tranny?