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Exhaust Manifold needed

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  • Exhaust Manifold needed

    I need a set of manifolds for a 345 international I have a set for a 304 but I am not sure if they are the same. If someone knows if they are the same and will not create back pressure let me know. I also have access to a pair off a 266 and would like to know if they would work becasue they are in a lot better condition. I have not found a place to buy headers so I am going to build my own once I have the engine instaled to make sure I do not have clearence problems due to the main frame I have the old truck frame mounted on in my hay monster. I woul also like to know if 266 and 304 heads interchange as well as the crank both engines have flat pistons and are not smog engines they are like late 60's models. Thanks, Mike
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    Go look at this site, lots of information about Internationals. .


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      I can't get that thing to come in. So go to Binder Bench, down to 345 manifold and the fourth one or so it's in there.