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1969 304 800A automatic FOR SALE

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  • 1969 304 800A automatic FOR SALE

    2nd owner - I knew the first. I've had it for 13 yrs. I'll list what's worng all else is great. 1st off - before I got it, it was stolen and taken for a joy ride and recovered 3 days later - Broken body mounts (I fabricated new - no weld to or holes in frame), Small crack in windsheild (appx 3" long in upper corner), Crack on pass floor bord (steel patch works great), Crack in bed (appx 10" long (JB Weld- has not grown in 13 yrs). That's it for the joy ride. The rest; Owner (me) liked to fix things, ie- I rebuilt it, I painted it, I did all the body work, etc. Front R hub jammed in free. Manual tank switch broke (off in my hand last year - both tanks worked up to that point). Speedometer cable not making connection (speedometer fine). Rust on bottom tailgate-bad. Breaks troblesome (complete new system-still stops slow - 500 mi on new system - I don't know, I tried and tried. maybe that's just the way scouts are). Door locks (tumbler units) broken and doors only open from outside (inside bars broken). Heater (in dash air ducts) missing. Disconnected wipers (still have air tube, Just lazy). Missing glove box liner. I chromed original parts. Top complete but slightly tweeked due to poor storage. Dirty and my painting skills are not the best. I will be keeping the rims and tiers (look, they cost $2500 last year). I will accept fair offers and know that I will be taking a loss on investment. See pic and make offer, my acceptance price is a lot lower than you think. Clear title and smog-starts every time-I drive every other sunday to keep things fresh. Southern CA it's whole life. 858-864-2777 [email protected] or [email protected].
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    Re: 1969 304 800A automatic FOR SALE

    curious about the scout. Have you sold it? what price range are you interested in? Email me at [email protected]


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      Re: 1969 304 800A automatic FOR SALE

      How ironic that you should inquire about this Scout!
      Currently, I own it and have it listed here as well!
      I wonder how many owners it has gone through up to me?
      I have had it for around 3 years!
      Got it as a trade in on another Scout i was selling.
      Done a lot of work to it as well since!

      See it here!

      Not sure if link works.

      It is the thread (1969 Scout 800A) posted on 7/14/10 in IHC Trucks For Sale
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