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Wanted: 67 or 68 scout

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  • Wanted: 67 or 68 scout

    Looking for a fixer-upper scout in Missouri or even midwest region, US. I'm not particular about color and I understand that many scouts have rust but I'm hoping for something with no actual holes in it. Specifically a '68 or previous body style with a v8 running or not. I'm willing to haul but not halfway across the country. Any leads would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Don't know of anything in you area, but if you don't find what your looking for, we can usually find them here. Spokane, Wa.
    Yes I know it's clear across the country.
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      I have a 1967 Scout 800 w a 4 cyl 196, runs good, all wheel drive climbs trees, not a v8 but would hold one if you wanted to have someone do the work. I fired it up yesterday and drove it around, it has a solid body, not much rust considering and the hardtop is in good condition, In West Virginia. Long way, let me know


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        v8 scout

        there is a junk yard between Newton and Walton Kansas just off hwy50, I dont know what year it is . well a couple of years ago he had it and i heard not to long ago he still does have it. its mainly just a tub. It didnt have a top or motor but it did have a 4 spd tranny and t-case still in it dont know what kind of shape they are in. no doors or seats or tail gate and the front passenger side hada dent in it but it had mostly surface rust in the tub . did have a V8 motor at one point. he wanted $1000.00 when i first seen it almost 5 years ago i think the guys name is Rudy Newfield . i wouldnt mind having it but im not going to pay that much myself