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  • IH chest freezer

    This is not mine, it belongs to the guy at the local auto parts store, and all I have right now is a description. He says he's the second owner of his house and the original owner worked at Harvester here in Fort Wayne. When he built the house he bought this IH freezer and had it placed in the basement. That would have been about 1948. There have since been modifications to the house and it will no longer fit thru any of the doors. The only way to get it out would be to disassemble it.

    The current owner says it's 5 or 6 feet long and about 4 feet high. He says it's like new. He unplugged it when he bought the house because he thought it would be a huge drain (electrically) but he plugged it back in this past summer to store ice bags for a family reunion and it works fine, no odd noises, the lid gasket is still flexible, seals fine. Shiny, clean, still has some kind of original paperwork stuck to it. He put a watt meter on it while it was in use and he says it only used a small percent more than his modern freezer.

    He's moving in a few months and it will stay in the house unless someone wants it bad enough to buy it and disassemble it. He didn't want to set a price so I said I would post it here and see how much interest there is. One similar sold recently for $100 on eBay and an IH fridge sold for $350 so that is probably the ballpark.

    Anyone interested?

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    Re: IH chest freezer

    did that in Maryland, the guy wouldn't let me take the storm door off to get freezer out. took all but the tub. model 111
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