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  • Power Steering Conversion

    After busting up my knuckles pretty bad a month ago on the trail(I had to have 6 fingers splinted), I decided to go power. I've bought the pump and bracket from a 79 with a 345, and im in the works of getting a gear on ebay (that place is soo good for scout parts, but they're some NASTY bidding wars goin on there).

    Is there anything else I'm going to need to do the conversion, aside from the obvious like hoses and the belt? Will I have problems mounting the bracket on a 304 since it originally came from a 345?

    Also what pulley(s) will the belt go onto? From the looks of it, all my fan belt grooves are used (one for AC shared with alternator, and one for just alternator). Do I need to get a new pulley, or is it going to share like my AC?

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    sounds like you have everything you'll need. I did the same conversion you're talking about. The bracket will work, the only thing that you might need, depending on which steering box you get, is that little intermediate shaft with the rag joint. the belt goes from the crank damper to the pump, nothing else, so you'll need that. It'll bolt onto any damper. Oh, one last thing, sorta a no brainer, but get a belt for a 304 scout, as it's 2 inches or so shorter than the 345 one.


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      cool, thanks!