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I need to get in touch with my engine

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  • I need to get in touch with my engine

    I picked this scout up in Pueblo for $400. The guy i bought it from had no idea what size engine it had. He thought it was a 345. the cast number on the bottom, right side of the block is 151023 R5. If this is not what I should be looking at could someone help me get in touch with my engine

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    engine ID


    There is a flange that the engine is using to 'sit' on the engine mount brackets. (the brackets are bolted onto the engine block, but these flanges 'sit' on the top of the bracket).

    As you are looking at the engine, standing in front of the scout (if the hood were removed), look at the left mount, and under the #2 spark plug is where this flat flange is sitting on the bracket. Scrape away all the grease and baked on tarnish, and under that is the size and engine serial number.



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      Here is the spot that Bill was telling you about. It is hard to get to with the exhaust manifolds on.

      There is also an extensive write up on the BB that may help you, check it out.

      Hope that helps!
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        thanks for the help

        I read the link that mark put on his reply. It said to measure the valley pan bolts. They are alittle over 8 inches apart. I don't feel like braving the cold and snow to check the tab right now but down the road I will know just were to check thanks Bill and Mark.