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  • need a paint job

    So my new scout has a really nice coat of army green spray paint on it. Well, it was probly really nice 10 yrs ago, maybe not even then. I am guessing it needs to be blasted, or sanded, or stripped before the new paint goes on? Any suggestions on getting this thing painted? maaco? My main goal is to have it a solid decent color as cheaply as possible.

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    Well, you can do your own paint! (the other half and I do our own). Sand it with a sanding block and some 220 or 320 grit wet sand paper, and see how smooth that gets it. Use your water hose to keep it wet, and changing your paper when it gets "dull". Don't worry about getting all the paint off, as long as it isn't peeling, it will work as a good primer. You do need to get rid of any/ all rust though. (you would have to do this prior to a trip to any "budget" paint shop anyway)

    When ready, you just pick up some affordable paint, (my scout has been orange, olive drab, camo, john deere green, and currently "postal blue") and use an air compressor and high volume low pressure spray gun for best results. It's fairly simple.

    possum scout