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Auto shifter adjustment?

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  • Auto shifter adjustment?

    Yuppers. Yet another question. Is there any way to adjust the linkage for a stock auto floor shifter. Well, it's an IH shifter but it was added later. The Scout originally had a standard trans.

    I can put the shifter down to first but it still shifts to second. I'm guessing that the shifter isn't going all the way down to lock into first gear.

    Is there an adjustment for this or was the tranny/shifter designed to work this way?

    The whole drive train appears to be a transplant. My Scout is a 1973 but I can see where the original motor mounts were cut off the frame. It currently has a 304. There is still a stub that used to be the clutch pedal, under the dash. It's also got power disk front brakes. According the the info I've seen, IH didn't offer front disks or power brakes in '73. This is making it quite a quest just to figure out the history.

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    You can adjust it at either the shifter itself or at the tranny. Remove the boot on the shifter an dyou will see how to do it or crawl under the scout and look at where it connects to the tranny. There is a clevis to turn there.




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      Thanks Jeff. I'll take a look in the morning.


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        Was able to get all the adjustment I needed at the shifter. Works great, now.