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Junkyard gold?

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  • Junkyard gold?

    Here's my story.

    In about 3 months, I am getting a 74 scout from my uncle who know next to nothing about it (won it in a poker game) all I know is that is on the road.

    In the meantime, a scout of about the same vintage arrived at my local pull your own parts junkyard.

    I plan on getting as many parts as possible tomorrow.

    Big storm coming in Virgina and the yard should be pretty empty.

    1 What should I get?

    2 Can Y'all reccomend the parts that I can't order, high resale value, cool to have extras?

    3 Y'all need some that I can pull for ya?

    I'm SOOO looking forward to getting the scout from my uncle and being a binder owner and building into a great truck (got to find a good hobby to unwind from med school, and just sold my last truck for a car with a/c.


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    I was lookin for the website that has a list of hard to find, should keep type for scout parts. The only thing I can suggest is to look at the various fenders, bumpers, shifter/boot, tranny cable and lockouts (nice for the spare parts box). grill, badges, instruments/speedo, knobs/switches, windshield washer resevoir, and what ever else looks good.

    Just a partial list of things I have needed or picked up for next to nothing.




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      If it's a '73, I could sure use the passenger side grill trim.

      Happy hunting!!!