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Omni-Pak & spark plug gap

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  • Omni-Pak & spark plug gap

    I dug through my "old parts bin" and found a Jacob's Omni-Pak left over from an old CJ-7 I sold. Of course, the instructions have long since disappeared. I installed it on my Scout II (304) using a .030 plug gap. I just read the article by Mike Deschamp saying Jacob's recommends opening the gap in .05 increments until you find the best performance. He ended up running .075 on his 345.

    Has anyone else used the Omni-Pak on a 304? Did the .075 gap work or is there a better base-line gap to start from? Or, would it make any difference from the 304 to the 345?

    Just trying to save some time. So much to do, so little time.

    Thanks, as always, for all the help.

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    Just from memory a long time ago I had one and it was .040 to .060 I ran mine at .045 for years very well.
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      Thanks Mark,

      .045 works well.

      Purrs like a kitten. Even straightened out that nagging stumble throughout the RPM range.


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        I used an Omni Pak on a 304 some years ago. The best it ran was with a 70 gap. Made the engine sound funny but it had more power but no increase in mileage.


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          may try it later

          I just fueled up so I can compare the mileage with the .045 on this tank. After I break down and get a good set of gapping pliers, I may experiement with opening the gap up a bit more.

          What did you mean by "sounded funny"?


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            Funny is about as close as I can come. It put a bleat in the note at idle. Cruising I didn't notice it. It actually sounded as tho it was retarded but had no other indications. I ran it 8/10 degrees advanced depending on fuel quality.