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  • Tote-a-Volt

    Has anyone ever heard of this?
    I am looking for a wiring diagram so as to be able to hook it up to my Travelall.
    I contacted the distributor but they stopped distributing it ten years ago. The only thing that the person I talked to knew was the manufacturer was out of Newark, NJ.
    I am still waiting for a reply to my inquire about a wiring diagram and where I could get one.
    It is a 110 recepitcle with a toggle switch on the side and a bunch of wires coming out the bottom.
    It hooks up to the alternator and the switch changes it from normal use to 110 use so you can run your power tools off of it.

  • #2
    You can get a 700+ watt power inverter at wall mart for around a hundred bucks i believe. Just hook that up to your battery, and run a power drill to your hearts content. Will run a computer, power drill, and circular saw I know for a fact.