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How to get 16" wheels for my Scout?

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  • How to get 16" wheels for my Scout?

    I am trying to get 16" wheels for my Scout. The other half got 16's for his dodge(8 lug), and he got them for $37. But when I went to buy the same type for my Scout (dodge 5 on 5.5), he said $50! I felt he was "working" me, so I just walked out, politely.

    Anyone know what 16" wheel from which vehicles will fit the Scout? (dana 44 front and rear)? and am I right, it's 5 on 5 1/2?

    possum scout

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    your right it's 5 on 5.5
    I just picked up some of the stock ram 1500 10 hole 16 X 7.5 inch rims for 15 a piece at a yard but the center hole is way too small and took a lot(days) of grinding. I would think if you could find the 4wd rims maybe the 5 spoke chrome ones. the center hole might fit.
    I know the later ford went to metric and are said to be about a 1/8 off.
    All the other ford 1/2 ton trucks were 5 on 5.5 till they went to metric. if you can find some after market 16's.

    Also watch the offset. the back spacing is reall deep on these and I had to grind on the unused end of the pitman arm.

    good luck.
    Let us know what you find.
    steal the ones off the other halfs dodge!!!!!
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      possum scout
      I ran into a situation somewhat like yours. Someone who had my pickup before me put a 3/4 ton rear under it. That means I have eight hole and 33s 16.5x12.5 ,which fill the wheel well and looks good. But the tires are real exspensive. So I have quite a few 15s the same 33 15x12 and thought I could just go buy a rim with 8 holes. NOT The tire man could have saved me a lot on aggravation if he would have just told me, if it was put on a stock vehicle you can get it here. Otherwise it is special order, and they could get them for about $50 a piece. Might as well go with a mag by then. I don't remember ever seeing a 5 hole in 16, they were always put on 1/2 tons. Just my 2 cents, I'm sure someone has seen what you are looking for. Because If I say they ain't made they usually are.


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        Don't know why you want 16 inch wheels but they came stock on Scout 800's I am told by Jon who has them on his Scout II. Only because he got a free set of 16 inch snow tires from me. Usually the 16.5 was for bigger brakes associated with 3/4 ton running gear. 16 replaced that size and now the tire shops consider 16.5 to be a split rim only and a 16 to be non split, but we know that not to be true.
        The 15 inch rim with the same size tire like 33X12.50-15 would be a better choice for off road do to bigger side wall for low pressure. The 33X12.50-16 or 16.5 has less of a sidewall and will come off easier under low pressure (yes I have done it).
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          why 16's? I'll tell ya...

          I wanted the 16's, higher load range. Availability of used tires, etc. Stiffening up my highway ride. I was going to keep my Stock rims for 4 wheeling. Just change my sets over for the different uses.

          possum scout