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Anyone read Petersons 4wheel & offroad?

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  • Anyone read Petersons 4wheel & offroad?

    was flipping through the mag at the local store and they have a section on j**ps now dont get me wrong they have there place but it showed a photo of a j**p on the rocks and a scout II on the street the caption says "J**p , not a J**p see the concrete, any Questions" now i dont know about you but that burned a little

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    If it's any consolation, just imagine to yourself that every time you see the "j" word, you sound it out using the Spanish pronunciation for the letter "j". In spanish, the letter "j" is pronounced as an "H".

    And remember, ANYONE can trot down to their local dealer and buy a (think "H") then have the dealer add accessories and maintain it for them.

    But, a binder owner is a whole different breed.

    Did that help? ;)

    Yup, saw the same article. Didn't sit right.


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      I saw that to it was a little pissed. But i think they were jokeing i try not to take any thing to serious. The also have scouts in there mag. There was on the ultimate adventrue. It did not look like one because of mods but it started out a scout.


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        My subscription to Peterson's was due but after reading that I just thought I really don't need it. They have belittled the Scout to many times for me.

        It's not so much picking on a Scout as we pick on Jeeps but it should be done in fun.

        What it boils down to is they do not represent themselves as responsible Off Roaders and they are not responsibly representing us as Off Roaders whether we are in a Scout or Jeep!
        Jeep is not a bad word! It's just not as good as a Scout! We can't help that? :eek:

        We invite Jeep owners with us and we have fun, a group of Jeeps and Chevy's has just invited us out for a day of wheeling. They happen to be a great bunch.

        Even though they are inferior to the IH owners heart and dedication.
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          4 wheeler

          Ya I saw the comment also. I think I will send them a picture of my SS pulling a jeep off a sand dune and say notice the jeep offroad. Couldn't tell by the picture, but were those scout II dana 44 axles under those jeeps? Imagine that. Glad we can contribute to keep those jeeps out of the shop. My subscription is due soon also, might need to re-avaluate my expenses. Of course they could make it right, by admitting how bad they need our business.
          Tow strap? : histeric


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            Hey folks,

            At first I was angry about the picture and caption but then I started thinking about it and realized they are doing us a favor. You see, Jeep owner go out and drop way too much money on a rig that they end up trying to make a Scout out of. The only way to make a Jeep work worth a darn offroad is to give it Dana 44's, a V-8, and stretch the wheelbase over 100 inches. Presto! You just built a Scout. The reason I say they are doing us a favor is that there are a limited number of Scouts left out there and if all the Jeepers knew how great they are they'd switch. If you want to be part of the crowd then buy a Jeep but if you want to be part of a family you buy a Scout. Nuf said.;)


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              it dont burn but a little. like i said J**ps have there place. my biggest problem is ding dongs calling scouts J**ps just because they dont know any better.
              now im getting tired of trying to explain what a Travelall is to the parts person at Oriellys. even though ive talked to the same ding dong more then once about the same vehicle, sometimes its worth a little extra to go to Napa and talk to the older guys who know a thing or two.


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                I've had both heep's and a scout and I think its kinda like being maried you love what you got when you've got it. And you best not tell the one you have now that you liked the first one better. To tell you the truth I like the scout better there is nothing better than having someone tell you your scout better stay of this trail it's ment for real trail rigs. then watching the same grown man almost break down and cry when he realizes that all that stuff the dealer sold him on, [he could climb,turn,out drive and out think anyone] didn't do anything for his game. Maybe I tell him, you can go back and buy some skill and know how to. Let them idiots print what ever they think will sell more rag's it's sad but I will not be able to stop buying or reading it or any other 4X MAG I'm hopelessly addicted it's my crack.
                Its so bad I even still have my subscription to JP maybe I should seek help.


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                  I have a subscription to pedersons. I emailed the mag and told them that not only was I quite pissed about the ad, but I was going to end my subscription and advise my friends to do the same. They did not see the humor in my email and called me fairly promptly. They appoligized for the insult to Binders and said they were really only kidding. I said I was still pissed and I am not kidding. They, after some double talking and a little prying by me, showed they were really only kidding and really very sorry by extending my subscription by 1 year. Noisy wheel getting greased


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                    thats alright because i have a scout that can out four-wheel any jeep around here and they all know it