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automatic trans ????

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  • automatic trans ????

    I have done a search and can't find any info on automatic transmission identifacation. What I have is two pickups with the same auto in them. It is not the 727, the pan is about two and a half inches deep and square. The output shaft is real short. Did International put this in the ven number? There is nothing on the door tag. :confused:

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    well do they have a little electric switch under the gas pedal? and is the bell houseing seperate? if so i was told they are the borg-warner auto tranny. the switch under the gas pedal is the kick down ive been told. what years are your trucks?


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      If the trans case is all cast iron then yes you have the Borg Warner trans.
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        the borg-warner is cast iron? how much does it weigh? I thought trying to get that dang 727 on the tranny jack under the vhehicle was a pain. Im glad it wasnt the borg-warner now


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          Thanks for the information. I will check these things out this morning. I won't get back to the computer till later tonight. L8r


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            The trucks are a 71- 1/2 ton 4x4, 345 with this auto. The other one is 71 1/2 ton, two wheel, 304 and auto. I forgot to look for the switch, but the body of the trans is cast iron. Yea, ugh, ugh. I take it these are not the hot set up? Good boat anchor? I prefer four speed, but one of these pickups is going to end up with a auto. If this is a poor tranny I will only use a nother 727 out of a travelal. Thanks for the information everybody!!!


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              I couldnt say what the borgwarner was like. i dont think ive ever drove one before, are you having problems with the trannys? i remember some one on the BB say something aboutliking them but it was afew days ago and i dont recall exactly what he said if you feel like looking it up here is there web site