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Replacing a 4 cylinder w/ a V8 266

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  • Replacing a 4 cylinder w/ a V8 266


    I have a 1967 Scout with the 266 V8 4 x 4, teh engine and tranny is decent, but the body is really bad - Rust, Rust, and more Rust...

    I have the opportunity to buy a 1961-1963 with a near perfect body for cheap. Can I swap my engine and tranny into the 61-63 without too much difficulty? Please share some insight and knowledge - I am a first time owner. Bought my 67 about 2 months ago and can't wait to get it going. :confused:

    Thanks - [email protected]

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    Id just swap tubs if i was you. the front end on the 61-63 is set up a little different the radator it set to far back for the v8 so you will have to use that off your 67. and the tranny sits a little diferently the stick comes out closer to the fire wall on the v8 as the bellhousing is diferent. I know there is more but i cant remeber off the top of my head. i was looking at doing something like that once but once I got the v8 and the 4 cyl scouts next to each other . i relized it was more then i needed to tackle as i didnt have a shop to do it in. or the equipment