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  • Body questions....

    I am looking at a 1975 Scout II that is going to need some body work. What year ranges of Scouts will body parts interchange for? And is it only Scouts that you can interchange? I have two 1975 International pickups, but I don't assume that any of those parts will work on a Scout II.

    Also, and not that it matters a WHOLE lot to me, but is there any particular year range of Scout that is more collectable than another?

    Last but not least...I was reading in an earlier post about removing the top and leaving it off. Is this a good idea at all?


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    If your into the scout II's the parts are interchangeable between the years of 1971 to 1980. There were different grill designs and stripe packages, but they were all basically the same. As far as collecting potential I collect them all, but for value certain sports packages such as Super Sports, Aritocrats, Midas, Sport Top, Hurst Shawnee, Scout III prototype etc. are all very popular to the IH enthusiest. As far as your on off top question, I have my top on and off all the time. As long as your seals are good it doesn't pose a problem, but get help unless you want back problems since IH didn't build anything light.
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      The most desirable Scout II's are the ones with little to no rust.
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