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Rear Axle Key Dana 44

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  • Rear Axle Key Dana 44

    I'm looking for an axle key for my Scout 800A 196 engine. It is a Dana 44 tapered axle. The part number is 127973r1. I cant find one on any of the dealer sites and the ones I ordered for a Jeep Dana 44 were to small. Anyone know the equivilant part or where to get one. I know i could get one machined by would rather just order one if possible. Thanks for any help you can give.

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    Hopefully you have already found one, but I would start by calling IH Parts America at (530) 274-1795 and talk with them about it. If they don't have it, I bet they have a suggestion on where to find it, such as PartsMike or Randy's Ring & Pinion.

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      After buying the wrong thing 3 times (wrong axle key twice and wrong axle stock once) I think I finally have a solution. I was under the assumption that the axle key was 1/4" but it turns out that it is 5/16" which is actually a very big difference in thickness. I did contact a couple of the online dealers and only one replied back to say I can get a used one for $20 plus freight. After doing some digging I found out that Home Depot sells key stock in 12" lengths and they have the 5/16" x 5/16" stocked. The price is $2.92, so I bought (2). I will have to bring this home and fabricate to match but I cannot find a standard OEM replacement anywhere for a decent price. The 1/4" axle keys that I bought were like $5.50.

      I would still like to know if anyone can find the unicorn of a new axle key that matches the original. Thanks for the suggestions Ronnie it is always good to know who to call when you are stuck.