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Clicking and popping on take off...

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  • Clicking and popping on take off...

    Anyone know what it means when you hear clicking and popping from the front when accellerating from a stop? It sounds just like a CV joint on its way out in a Honda Accord.
    Could it be the U-joint on the front drive shaft? Wheel bearings?
    I have an SOA without a twisted axle.


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    Could be the rear drive-shaft u-joints. Mine was but I swore the noise was coming from the front...

    If your hubs are unlocked and the transfer case in neutral the front should not be an issue?
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      It makes sense to me that the front driveshaft should not be turning if, like you said, the hubs are unlocked and the t-case is in 2WH. But also, like you said, I swear it's coming from the front.

      In addition, the rear drive shaft is brand new (SOA was done only a couple of months ago), so wouldn't they have checked the condition of the rear U joint before installing the new driveshaft?


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        I have had that same problem before. If it does it in two wheel drive also, it can be the brakes hanging up, worn out shackles/bolts or even loose u-bolts. Sometimes a broken center bolt on the spring can do the same thing. That will give you a few things to eliminate.
        Tow strap? : histeric