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Howdy i have a few questions!

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  • Howdy i have a few questions!

    Howdy guys i've got a few questions. 345 heads on a 392? i hear it increases your compression to around 9-1 but do you use the pushrods from the 392 or the 345? also does anyone know where i can find Oil filters for my 392 their the old element kind that sit in the canister i've looked everywhere. anyone know where i can get a gasket kit for a 392 and piston rings? Thanks for any help you guys can give me i'm just trying to get my engine squared away so i can show those Zukes and pukes how to proporly pull a zuke out of the mud.

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    The filter part # is 214731R91 and the gsk is 252522C1
    The fleetguard # is LF522. Your local Napa should be able to cross it. If not call the local IH dealership.
    According to my parts manuals the push tube is the same on both the 345 and the 392.
    For your last question, I purchased all of my engine gsk sets from a company called number one performers out of Salt Lake. They are a wholesale dealer, so I don't know if they will sell to the public, but my complete O/H kit for my 345 was only about 500.00 a few years back. That included pistons, cam etc. If I can be of anymore help let me know, I work for the local IH dealership in Spokane and have an extensive collection of catalogs and microfish of my own. Good Luck.
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