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74-75 T'All Dana 60 Axil Q?

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  • 74-75 T'All Dana 60 Axil Q?

    How hard is it going to be to find a good stronger set of axils for my T'All Axils?

    I have a Dana 44 Flat top Frt and a Dana 60 1/2 ton 5 on 5 1/2.

    Also how hard will it be to find a full floater kit for the 60?

    My goal is to have my hubs be my weak link (fuse).

    I am having 4.56 gears installed and a Detroit in the rear with a Loc-Right in the frt (for now).

    Tom Said:

    Originally posted by Tom Mandera

    It's too late, now! :-)

    I would've said grab an 8-lug full-floater rear end to upgrade the rear.

    If you were serious about upgrades, ream the spindles and drop $300 on some 1.5" diameter 35sp alloy axle shafts.

    But that won't work with your new Detroit.. and you can't even swap up to the 35sp 1.5" axle shafts and keep the semi-float 5 on 5.5.. since your Detroit will be for the 1.31"/30sp hardware.

    Up front.. changing the outers out for some Chevy 10-bolt 8-lug stuff would've been an improvement, but it might not keep your hubs as the weak link.

    I bet the 6-bolt hubs on your 1/2T front end will be the weak link - I've killed 2 or 3 of the Selectro/Dualmatic hubs on my Scout, but the Warns have held up well. I did frag a stub-shaft this year and didn't wipe out the hub (until I tried to disassemble things to replace the stub)

    For sheer brute strength, the Dana 60 is hard to beat in the front.. I'm putting one under my Travelette. :)

    So now I am wondering:

    I'm not going to do competition rock crawling with it but I do like rocks.

    Do you think the D60 is an improvement over the stock 44?

    Should I not upgrade to a 392?

    I'm more worried I can't find alloy like axils aftermarket because of the T'All length.

    You know humm maybe I should just keep my axils and get a Warn full floater kit and a Detroit in the rear, and Warn Heavy Duty Front Axles in the frt with my Loc-Right? I could still use the flat top knuckles for my high steer. This seems like this is going to be a big deal.

    What beeny’s do full length axils give a Scout anyway?

    If anyone can help that would be sweet...I can still return the Locker and gears.