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Hi from Boise Idaho - I need help...

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  • Hi from Boise Idaho - I need help...

    I recently purchased my first Scout! It is a 1976 "Patriot" Traveler. I love it, but it needs a little work here and there - nothing major that I know of - but could be a canidate for a full restoration. I need someone I can trust with it. Does anybody know anybody who works on or specializes in Binders in the Treasure Valley (i.e Boise and surrounding areas)? I look forward to participating with all you international owners and fans.

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    Way cool a Patriot for a first Scout!

    Most of the guys around here do their own work and have a wealth of knowledge if you do some yourself?

    Maybe Goatee could help but he is in Pocatello I think?
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      Patriot restore

      I just finished restoring a 73 Travelette (crew cab) 1210, All Wheel Drive, 392, changed to a Quadrajet, spread bore, MSD, took out auto and put in 4 speed, drivelines, brakes, 75 grille and hood, etc. etc. I put about a month into body and interior work and finally painted it. I live in Nampa. I do know of some people who have done work on Scouts and could refer you. I'm too tired from my pickup to want to do another!
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        in Boise too

        There is a guy in Garden City (Scout 2 Kid?) that I have heard does scout restore work. Been by his place many times, but never seem to catch him at home. He's on the east side of Vetrans Memorial Parkway just before you cross the river.



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          Any more?

          Thanks for the tip. I actually live closer out by Payette and Ontario but would be willing to travel that distance to get some quality work done. Any one else in the area?


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            only one i know of

            He's the only one I know of that does it as a bussiness. But, there are a lot of scout owners in the area. I met a fella the other day that lives near Melba who is trying to get a scout club going for this part of the state. Clint (the guy who has the shop in Garden city) is interested in it, and probally knows quite a few people with scouts or who may work on them also. If your interested in the club, let me know!