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need Dana 44 rear axel

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  • need Dana 44 rear axel

    looking to find a dana 44 rear axel for my scout, 3.73 or 4.10 gears and some where in washington.....or any ideas on what to put in its place..thought about a bronco 9inch but dont know the width......dont have much money or time as usual so any ideas would be pumpkin on my alex is toast has holes all over in it all the ring gear bolts broke off and made a real mess....thanks mort

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    You know the beautiful thing about a dana 44 is that they are everywhere... I would say that if you are unable to find one from a scout than try a jeep. they have similar widths though they may be a little different. Also... 4.10's are popular with the jeeps so you may be in for some luck with that. If you go for the whole change than you may find yourself moving the leaf perches but its really no big deal if you or a buddy has a welder. Good luck and if I can help with anything let me know.