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  • Eagle-Mark
    Jeeps are alright, someone has to own an inferior vehicle?

    To get the Scout II to clear 33's you'll need a spring over axle suspension which is a lot of work no kit available.
    I have four inch over Skyjackers with a two inch body lift and clear even in severe off roading. But there are some other things to worry about going these routes.
    Steering shaft may need a borgeson joint.
    Drive-shafts may need CV joints.
    Front end will need to be twisted for proper camber.

    My wifes Scout II has a two inch over Skyjacker and with a two or three inch body lift I think it would clear, may have to add a little bigger bump stop.

    Hope that helps!

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    Guest started a topic New Scout Owner/Tinkerer

    New Scout Owner/Tinkerer

    I am new to the world of Scouts. Just bought a 79. I think its a scout II. Gonna need some body work. I want to lift it a little, probably with a suspension flip kit of some sorts. Anyone have any suggestions to start with. Also, I have some 33 BF Goodrich AT tires I wanna put on it. Is there gonna be any probs with the tires rubbing the wheel wells, because I would like to take care of that while I am cutting and grinding. I have been a jeep owner and have tinkered with Jeeps for a while ( I know thats probably a no-no word around this forum), but want to try my hands at the Scout. Any thoughts, suggestions on the lift and philosophy of being a Scout owner.