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    HEY GUYS email trucks an tell them u want to see IH muscle!

    [email protected]

    I already sent mine enough e-mails might motivate them

    they said to send what u want to see to them! on todays show!

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    I have twice about the IH pickup/rod they started back almost a year+ ago if memory serves me. They called it the Harry Hauler and had the top chopped and that was the last I have seen and heard of it. Time for something other than the "BIG THREE" to get a little air time on the show. Really liked the Willys buildup!!! Will shoot them one another just cause!!!
    My "Disasterpiece"
    1970 800A 4X4,HFI'd,304,B/W,27,44,3:73,28's.
    The rest are in my 25 year plan!

    My "Ruedh"
    FREE 1972 1110 4x4,V8(?)727,205,44 drum/60/3.54's,small cheap tires.
    LOOOOADS-O-RUST!! Donor body located. Not!! JY owner played the "crusher value" card. : angry:
    NON-working rear window. Need info!!!