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need info for buying a new coil

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  • need info for buying a new coil

    I want to install a Pertronix coil and I was wanting to know which one I need oil filled or epoxy and does it matter if i get a 40000 or 45000 volt unit. These do work on a 345 right? I also was wondering if anyone has used the purple ice to lower coolant temps and does this product work.

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    If the "Puple Ice" is a coolet addative to the antifreeze similar to the "water wetter" type product then from the information I have seen then no, it does not really do anything.

    If you are really seeing high temps then you should probably start going through you system to see if there is any problems. Maybe start with the thermostat, water pump, hoses ext. If that does not work maybe have the radiator flow tested and see if theres a problem there. And if non of that helps, maybe time to go too electric fans or even an aluminum radiator. There is a place online that will build an aluminum radiator to your exact specifications. I had one built for my Chevelle and am very pleased with the work.

    And if your not talking about the cooling system then forget everything in the second paragraph and most of the first, LOL.

    Hope this helps


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      I just installed a MSD Blaster 2 and am very happy, don't know about the Pertronics.

      I agree with moosebrew, antifreeze and water at 50/50 is all you need.
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