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  • new owner of 1980 scout

    Picking up the scout on thursday.Are there any inexspensive mods I can do that will improve performance?Is there a better 2bbl carb that will fit,I plan to do a soa in the rear and 4 in spring lift in the front,will this clear 35's.I plan to run 14x35x15 ground hawg's on 12 in wide rims.I was gona do soa on the front till i read a write up about having to rotate the knuckles.Sounded to complicated,I'll buy the springs to aviod all the work,lol.Where is good place to get a decent price on some good 4in. lift springs?Thanx for the info in advance,I am eager to get the scout ready for the trails.

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    You didn't say which engine you have but I'll go out on a limb and assume you have a 304 or 345 V8. If your stock 2 bbl is in good working order, I'd make sure it is set up properly and keep it. If you need a new carb, the Holley 2300 series is a good bet. I'm running the 350 cfm model on mine. It works well just as it comes out of the box. The 500 cfm may need smaller jets to work well. But, converting to FI is the way to go. My conversion is in the works. I'll finish it off this winter when things cool down.

    Next would be the ignition. Check out the Duraspark conversion article in the FI section. This made a big improvement on mine.

    As for the 35's, I have my doubts but I'll leave that question to someone else as I'm running Rancho SUA with 33's.

    Whichever tire size you end up with, spring for the steering brace from Back Country Binders. It makes a major improvement in steering and handling, especially with big tires.



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      If I recall correctly, a SOA provides approximately 6 inches of lift so just adding 4" lift springs will not match up. Just like Sandracer I run 4" springs and clear 33's for the most part. If you want 35's then add a 3" body lift with the springs and you should be there. In extreme articulation it may grap the inner fender a little but shouldn't hurt anything. Someone please correct me if I'm mistaken but the '80 Scout II already had several degrees twist in the front Dana 44. Is there enough there to perform a SOA if a CV driveshaft is used?

      You can check the parts for sale section of Just Internationals for a set of used springs as well as some of the provided links. Just remember one thing, most often you get what you pay for. It is better to spend a little extra and drive home from your excursions rather than have to call for help because a cheap part failed.

      Anytime you have a doubt log on to this site and ask. There are quite a few really smart folks that hang out here that have gone through anything you may run into, and are more than happy to help. This is a group of truly dedicated people. Welcome to the family.


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        Thanx for the warm welcome.I'm not sure I want to do a 3in body lift I've heard they lead to trouble,I thought I read somewhere that you could trimm out the fenders so the 35's would clear.I have read so many things they all kinda run together,lol.I'm going to have to replace the floor as it is almost completely gone.


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          The worst part of a 3" body lift is that you will need to either drop the steering column a few inches or purchase an extension for it. The nice thing is that it raises the body while leaving the heavy stuff (axles, engine, tranny, and transfer case) down low for better center of gravity. Of coarse if you are willing to cut some sheetmetal all the better. The problem I've seen is that the inner fenders, particularily the rear, are a pain. Possibly a combo of a 1-2" body lift with some minor trimming of the wheelwells.

          Something I didn't think of earlier is that you could possibly go with a SOA in the rear with stock springs and go with 4" lift springs up front with a shackle reversal setup. That may work as well. There are folks out there that know more than I do so hopefully they will jump in when they get the chance.


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            You make an excellent point Travis. With as many Scout II's out there with body cancer making good donor rigs for such mods it would be a shame to cut up a perfectly good rig. With the right setup I doubt there is a reason to trim anyway.


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              You will understand way I'm not afraid to trimm the fenders after I post some pics.The rust has already done some trimming .The floor is completely rotten.If you walk up and look in the drivers window you can see the right rear tire.Scout has hit a tree on right front.I don't have a digital camra so it'll be a while before I can post pic's.About that distributer mod,does anybody sell a modefied distributer,or is the mod pretty easy to do?I'll read it agin.Bought some 35x12.50 super swampers,got 4 of em with less than a 100 miles on em for 350.00.And an 8000 lbs. super winch for 350.00,no remote.Were those good prices?Thanx agin for your help,it's really going to help me get on the trails faster.


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                Oh yeah it's a 345,auto,a/c


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                  I own a 79 scout 2, with 4 inch superlift springs on it and 35x12 pro comp mud terrains on 15x12 inch rims. I had to cut quite a bit of fender, but as yours, i had rust help me with that. I haven't really had it out where i tested to see if it hits on full stuff, but huge flex isn't as important in the mud.


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                    i got a 73 scout with 4" skyjacker springs, i'm running 33" BFG MT's and the rear tires are really close to the front of the rear fender, i trimed a little but it looks like the body seams all meet right there at the bottem of the fender so i wasent shure if i could cut into that and be ok or if my body would start falling apart? i got almost all my parts for the springover, the last set of add a leaves just showed up from lightline of la today so hope to start on in right after my divorce is final...aint life grand!