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any interest in roller rocker arms?

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  • any interest in roller rocker arms?

    I've found a place that is willing to make roller tipped rocker arms for the SV series IH motors. I was wondering if there was any interest in performance parts for these motors. If there is enough demand for these pieces they could become a standard run item instead of a limited run. I myself have giving the go ahead to have 2 sets of these made, and just figured I'd let all who are interested get a set for their motor. According to the guy I talked to, he said that once it's designed and the machinery is set up, he'll make as many as I want (or am willing to pay for). I am just curious to get a quick poll as to who would be interested if anyone.
    As for some specs, they are aluminum, roller tip, as for the ratio, I was looking at trying to get 1.7, possibly 1.8 to 1 (stock is like 1.65:1 roughly). Cost will depend on volume, more interest, less cost. If for example 6 sets are made, than yours cost would be in the neighborhood of $400, give or take. As these aren't made just yet, that is a guess that the guy gave me. Let me know what you people think. If the demand is there, we just might get some more performance parts for these motors.

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    demand is there but a bit pricey

    I for one would love a set but the price tag is out of my range. Question on them, are they just going to be the stamped style with the roller on the tip or are they going to be TRUE full roller rockers?
    Have you thought about contacting some of the speciallty companies selling Scout parts and seeing if you can get one of them to front the cost of a large order? Just an idea



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      more information on roller rocker arms

      The roller rockers will be machined out of aluminum stock. They will have a roller tip only. I talked with the guy that's in charge of design about a needle bearing on the pivot point, and he said that you'll lose only a hp or two, but you'll gain lots as for longevity. According to him the roller at the pivot point doesn't last, the needles will eventually eat into the shaft and start to bind. If I really wanted a full roller, he'd make it, but I'm not making an all out race motor, and don't want to have to worry about checking and replacing valve train after a short while. Plus that would add to the price. We (well he is) trying to design these so that they will be a direct bolt on, and work with stock valves, push rods, lifts, valve covers (rocker cover), ect.
      As for talking with the Scout speciality places, I just wanted to see if the demand was there, or not. These places have done lots for us as far as getting someone to reproduce parts that we need, I don't want to stick them with a large bill of something that doesn't have a demand for and can't sell just to save myself some money. But if there seems to be a definate demand for such items, than I will talk with the speciality shops and see if they're willing to stock these.
      If there are any other questions feel free to ask and I'll see what I can do to answer them the best I can


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        I'll take a set when they become avaliable. I hope the intrest is there to lower the price. E-mail me with any ordering info please.


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          Have you priced out a NEW set of boat-style (the lower ratio) rockers lately?

          I don't recall the total price tag.. but $400 sounds reasonable compared to new stockers.

          I'd rather have a full roller setup, myself. And I have a motor project we may go forward with that could benefit..

          1.7 or so is a good enough ratio.


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            Roller Rockers

            Count me in sports fans!!. I'll buy a set when they become available. This email is my commitment. Tom Dangelo AKA YEPABUS, Poulsbo, WA.