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Horizontal VS. Vertical Flow Radiator

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  • Horizontal VS. Vertical Flow Radiator

    I am going to try and install a radiator from a 1970's pickup into a 1960's pickup. I have not done this yet, however I have measured the width and depth and it appears that it would fit. I will either have to make a spacer to go between the radiator mounting flanges and the radiator support or I will have to cut the flanges on the radiator and move them forward so that they will be flush to the radiator support as the 60's vertical flow radiator does. I do not have the sheet metal in place to test this and to see if there will be any clearance problems. Has anybody done this radiator conversion? I am assuming I will get better flow and cooling ability with the horizontal flow radiator.


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    The radiator itself will be better.
    But instead of cutting can they be de-soldered, turned around and re-soldered?
    After you have it set up for sure get a "rod out" at the radiator shop. Mine was about $35. They take the tanks off and clean out every tube in the core. Then re-solder tanks back on, pressure test and seal any leaks.
    Don't know about the fit?
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