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Fuel diagram / tank Question

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  • Fuel diagram / tank Question

    I have a recently aquired 79 Scout with 345 & a tank with many outlets. Obviously, I am without a fuel diagram or know of the correct routing. The were no hoses connected but the 2 to the tank filler tube and one to the fuel pump. I believe at least one of the hoses should go to the vapor canister under the hood.
    Does anyone have a diagram, or know of the path & connections required? I am trying to get back to stock.
    Please advise...
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    I'm not sure whats stock & whats not. As for the tank, I believe it is in the 32-33g range by previous owner's guessculations, the carb is labeled as a Carter AFB, see pics.

    Any knowledge on what, besides the one hose to the vapor canister, emmissions hoses there should be, greatly appreciated...

    The truck is missing a few systems to start with.
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