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  • carriage bolts

    i have a 1979 international scout ii and i need some help.i need to locate these carriage bolts,they go in the rear floor,thru the body mounts,and finally thru the frame. they have to be (7/16"nc x 5-1/4" long,would like to have stainless steel,but grade 8 will do.please let me know thru my e-mail,or by this forums based on their rules.

    thank you
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    They don't have to be carriage bolts. You can use a bolt with a head on them from any hardware store but do not use stainless! It is to brittle, use the grade eight and get the ones coated with zinc or something they won't rust.
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      yah, I couldn't find any 7/16 carriage bolts and didn't want bolt heads protruding. I used 1/2 inch carriage bolts, took a tap of the hammer to seat then into the floor. I was using energy suspention body mounts, I had to open the washers up to 1/2, the spacers were big enough