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  • wiring problem

    I have a problem with my 79 scout 2. My turn signals in the front and rear don't work, and either do my brake lights, but my emergency flashers work all the way around. Does anyone have any ideas on where my problem could be. Thanks.

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    well, after poking around a little, I got the brake lights to work, but I still can't figure out why the directionals won't work.


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      Most of my turn signal problems were just bad connections. In the socket was dirty and did not spring up and down. Bulbs were corroded. and especially the ground is the screw holes that hold the lens on.
      Hope that helps!
      Maybe someone knows more?
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        Did you get the lights working yet?
        If not you may want to look at the flashers. Should(I think) be a different flasher for the turn signals than the emerg flashers. Also if one bulb is out the other(front/back) won't blink.
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          wiring problem...

          Could be the ground wire connection behind the tail-lights. Pull the lights out, and you will see a wire connected to the body of the truck. Most likely, the screw will look rusty. This happened to me, only when I depressed my brake while the left turn signal was on, the entire light would go out. Why??? maybe the total current from the two circuits overcame the resistance in the ground connection and caused the 'short'. Anyhow, I took the connection apart, sanded the body and connector, and put some dielectric compound on it. Reattached nice and tight, with no problem since.

          I did this with the rest of my wiring connections, and boy did that brighten things up A LOT!


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            my problem

            When I bought my scout I also couldn't get the turn signals work but the flashers and brakes worked fine. I changed the flasher and had no change.
            My lever on the column was stiff. I went to the junk yard and bought a bent column. I took the two columns pulled them apart and made one good column from the two.
            The cheapest part is probably the flasher so try that first. but if you have to replace the signal switch look around. I think I was told a new one was $80.