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4 banger bolt up to T98?

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  • 4 banger bolt up to T98?

    alright i'm selling a t-98 but this buyer wants to know if it will bolt up to the 4 banger in a scout 800 the t-98 is out of a travel all that had a 392. could anyone help me with this?

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    Ok I'll take a shot at this. I believe it will bolt up, but the problem he will have is the t98 would have had a remote transfer case and his transfer case will need to bolt to the back of the tranny. Probably will need to go to a t18.
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      I agree with Todd. I don't think there's enough room for the T-98 and the divorced NP205 which is what IH used with the T-98. It would give him a rear drive line that's about ten inches long
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        i disagree

        on looking at the yolk that is on the output shaft i have taken it off and there is a regular output shaft under it which looks almost identical to a t-18 i have, i beleive a t-case could be bolted to it although it would be a bit tricky


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          The problem lies in the bearing retainer and bolt pattern. The T-98 has a bearing retainer with 5 bolts. The married setup, uses a transfer case adapter which serves as both the bearing retainer and an adapter that gives the t-case the Texas bolt pattern to bolt to. The adapter uses 6 (I think) bolts that are in a different pattern than the T-98 bearing retainer. You can redrill the back of the tranny case to the new pattern and thread the holes, but you pretty much have to dissassemble the tranny to do it.

          But wait.... there's more!! Also, look at the spline count on the end of the mainshaft. The T-98 probably has a 10 spline output shaft but the bull gears for the D20 or D300 married cases are 6 spline. Long story short, it's not a bolt in.


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            Im pretty sure it will not bolt up becausethe t-98s behind4 bangers used a little short bell housing so the tannys behind 4 bangers had a shorter shaft than behind v-8s.
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