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  • allison 545 4 speed auto

    Has anyone ever tried using a 545 allison 4 speed auto trans and find away for the x-case, I have a chance to get one. I would like to use it in the scout w/4:10 and 35"s? Any ideas?
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    I have a 545 allison that I was wanting to put in a school bus I own, but have not done anymore research/scrounging for the SAE bell and plate needed to hook it to the sb chevy.

    It is a wonderful transmission that you would never tear up while in a scout, but it is HEAVY (holds 19 quarts of atf alone)and will require the needed bell and engine plate and then a flex plate to drive the convertor.

    Now with that said, the TH 400 is just a smaller version of the 545 minus a gear. Some of the internals are interchangeable between the two. And as far as t/c to attach on the rear, it would also be to big for a scout. You might run a divorced 205, but again overall lenght would make it tough if not impossible (very short rear shaft).

    Not trying to scare you off this idea, just throwing out thoughts.

    Wish ya luck !!!
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