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    Howdy, I just picked up a 1980 Scout Terra. It had a nissan diesel in it originally, the original owner put in a jeep 4.2 six banger. That died recently. I have an AMC 360, TF 727 and a dana 20 transfer case I would like to put in this. The terra has a 4 speed manual in it now (T-19A), and what looks like a dana 300 transfer case. How do I find out what the 1st gear ratio is? I want to put the T-19/dana 300 combo in my 1983 scrambler, behind another 360 and use the scout as my tow vehicle. My other option would be to put a diesel back in the Scout, but I don't think the nissan diesels are still available. Any info out there??

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    The 360 motor is Nathens choice, he has one in his Scout II and one in his Scout 80. Maybe he will see this and give you more of an idea.

    If you decide to look into the diesel there's a bunch of guys over on Diesel Talk Lots of them over at North West Binder Round-up this year.
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