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  • My scout leans

    I just installed a 4in skyjacker lift on my 75 scout 2 and she leans real bad to the left. I have heard about a spacer that ihc used on scouts to fix this problem. The springs I took out I don't think were stock because I didn't see this spacer. Can someone please help me. She looks bad like this, thanks

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    If you dont have the stock spacers, make them. What you need is 2 pieces of 1/2 inch steel (2" x 3"). Drill a 3/8 ( or whatever size the bolt that holds the springs together is) hole in the center and use 1/2" longer bolt to assemble. I use grade 8 allen head capscrews, but then I also drilled out the spring perch to 9/16". Actually the spring perches were "wallered" out, so that was the main reason for new bolts.