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  • 345 Build?


    Guys I have the Scout bug I’m afraid. I been looking to buy one for years, and almost did buy a time or two. While reading and looking into different forums it only made things worst until I purchased a 1973 Scout II a couple weeks ago. With that said, I’m sure you will be seeing a few post from me here and there.

    My 345 motor runs alright and doesn’t burn much oil, but I probable want to rebuild it with performance parts. Can somebody recommend a list of good venders for performance rebuild parts? (Ex. Rebuild kits, pistons, rods, cams, any roller equipment, headers, etc)

    Thanks for any info!

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    Welcome to the fold BigMike.

    If you check under the links section of Just Internationals as well as Binder Bulletin or Binder Blues you will numerous Scout vendors that may be able to assist you. Personally, I bought a full rebuild kit for my 392 from a place called Flatlander Racing. I don't recall where they are from exactly but they are from back east. The service was good and the prices reasonable. For a little extra you can opt for a Schnieder cam. Try going to for info.

    Headers are limited and the best I've found are Stans Headers. Once again, go to the links page and you will find the site.

    I think a few months ago someone brought up that they knew someone willing to make roller rockers for IH motors. Check previous postings here on binder bench for more info.


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      Take a look at my 345 buildup at -

      That was my first engine project, and I stopped short of "too much" performance.

      Majority of the engine kit came from Northern Auto (, other pieces from and elsewhere.

      I just finished my 3rd engine, the 392 for my Travelette tow rig.

      392, with a stroked 345 crank, 345/392 common rods - polished, balanced rotating assembly, H996CP60 .060 overbore hypereutectic pistons (stronger and lighter than stock, with teflon coated skirts).

      Isky 256/262 grind cam, head porting, back-cut exhaust valves, Stan's headers, stock square-bore 4bbl intake, Edelbrock 1405 4bbl, 12" clutch, painted valley for better oil return, 0-decked for more compression..

      Took everything I learned on the 345 and then went further on the 392/406cid.