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  • X-Terrains

    Has anyone had any of these?I was thinking of using them when I lift my 79 scout.Swampers are a little to aggressive for what I need and honestly those are the only off-road tires I have ever been around.It will probably be about 80% on and 20% off-road.Noise isn't a big issue but tire life is.

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    I love mine. I'm running the 33" ers. Not as loud as true mud terrain. Great grip on granite. As far as wear, well my 78 SII isn't my daily driver and speedometer didnt work for the first year. Other than rock rash they seem like brand new.
    Other X owners have liked them also.:)


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      Thanks mine isn't going to be a daily driver either I was just wondering if they held up or not.Most of the off-roading I do is either farm work or hunting I just want something with a little more bite than A/Ts that I'm running


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        X-terrains are like a cross between a mud tire and all terrains. What I mean is better grip than at's but not as much bite in mud as mt's. The lugs on X's are about 5/8" as opposed to 1" on muds.