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    Okay, I recently bought a 78 Scout II for 500 bucks. The exterior skin is in pretty good shape with only a few rust holes, but the tub is pretty bad. The rockers are shot, actually gone on the passenger side and the floor needs to be replaced. How hard is it going to be to put in the new rockers? I think once they are in, the floor will be a snap especially since the body mounts are still in good shape. Any tips or info you can give me would be great!! I can't wait to get crackin' on my new Scout. Thanks all.

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    I feel your pain! The drivers side rocker on my SII was gone, and some of the drivers side floor as well. Basically, I bought a weld -in floor pan, cut the rocker(what was left)out, and cut away the floor in between the body supports. that left a good surfce for me to weld to, without costing me more money.

    For the replacement rocker, I used 1/8" wall 2 x 2 square tube, and welded it in at the "A" and "B" pillar. I would recommend using 2 x 3 as it appears it would fit better(and if you dont/cant spend the money on stock replacements), but I used what I had, and in the process, found a use for the weight machine that I havent used since '92