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76 Scout Traveler 3 inch Body lift??

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  • 76 Scout Traveler 3 inch Body lift??

    76 Scout Traveler 3 inch Body lift?? Yes or no.. I want to do a spring lift later but was looking at a body lift for now w/ getting my springs re-arched.


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    Here is a link to the only "lifted" traveler I know of or have been around. I like the extra length of the travelers for family reasons.

    He puts that truck and its extra 18 inches anywhere he points it. Not saying he does'nt break anything in the process.

    Check out the trail pics for the Roundup. You see it getting the front rear spring hanger stiched back on after a trail run. Hope the pics help!!

    Lifted traveler
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      Body lifts for the Scout II and Traveler are an excellent way to get some tire clearance with out raising the center of gravity to high. Only problem being the steering column needs to be moved or I just installed a Borgeson shaft.

      I looked into re-arching springs and it was almost as much as a new set of Skyjackers.
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