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  • Cheap parts machining?

    I am replacing head gaskets on my IH 345 (school bus). I have a close friend who owns a wrecker service, he was the one who towed the bus back home when I blew the head gasket half way to Nashville TN from Castlewood Virginia and only charged me 300 bucks. I asked him where I could get the heads re-surfaced and he told me about the place he takes his stuff to. I went there today and met this little old man who was the coolest dude I have met here in virginia. He saw the cylinder heads and without me saying a word knew exactly what they went to and could tell me every tourque spec on it and was able to produce the technical manual and back his words up. He had more engine blocks in verious stages of restoration than I have ever seen, from ventage bi-plane four cylinder and bentley engines to modern deisels. He had some international 345 heads on the shelf that were compleatly rebuilt with new valves and everything and told me if i wanted them I could have them for 100 bucks apiece. He pressure tested my heads and faced one of them for 30 bucks. he has 345 and 392 stuff in his collection and I am thinking of buying a new block and heads for a spare. I now have all the parts needed to finish my engine and get "the Willow Bus back on the road! They say people come to him from 5 states and I now know why.

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    That is a good price for those heads. The exhaust valves for my 345 cost $27 apiece. Then the valve guides and decking and the valve job. I think the final bill was $300 something. So thats a good deal.