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  • 266,304,345,392

    OK I found out the first IH V-8 was made in 1959. Did they all come out in 59 or was it like they built one (probally the 266 first) then improved on that in 19?? then improved on that in 19?? etc. etc.
    Ultimately I want to find out when the 304,345 and 392 were first made.
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    Carl in Idaho

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    In 1959 the 266 came out which inspired the 304 in 1960. In 1961 they cut the 304 block in half and created the 152 (Comanche) engine. In 1962 the 345 engine was also an option in the loadstars. This gave it the option of 12 different engines.
    In 1967 the v266 was added to the scout line rated at 154 horsepower at 4,400 rpm and a torque rating of 227lb/ft at 2,800 rpm. I believe the 392 was added in 1968. That is the best information I could get my hands on.
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      Carl in Idaho

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        So the 196 would have started after the 392 in 1968 ?
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