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1979 Traveler Fuel Problem?

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  • 1979 Traveler Fuel Problem?

    I just purchased a great 1979 International Traveler. However, occasionaly as accelerated it begins to hesitate and shut down as I am driving down the road. i am also having some trouble with warm starts. Could they be co-related? Is this a fuel, choke, or carborator problem? Help!
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    If you don't know its background, there is several things to do. Make sure fuel is easily flowing out of the fuel line before the fuel pump.

    Make sure the fuel pump is pumping with plenty of volume.

    Change the fuel filter regardless of how it looks. Actually, I would do this first!!!

    When engine is warm, make sure the choke plate is open.

    If you haven't seen anything wrong thus far, then I would think there is internal problems in the carb such as, dirt in the bowl, sticking float, worn accelerator pump etc.
    Hope this helps a little.



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      Are you backfiring when you accelerate, or when you are off the gas going down a hill? How about when you shut off the rig - is is dieseling?

      If these things are present then it can help in narrowing it down.
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