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  • FI for a 304

    I currently have a 304 that is not installed in my 70 Scout 800. I am going to go through the motor and figure out why it was pulled, and probably do a small rebuild on it, possibly a complete if problem is bad enough. I want to use this Scout next year to drive 200 miles to school. So I got to thinkin FI wouldn't be a bad idea. I realize the problems with dual tanks and return line, but that can be figured out. What sort of donor rig should I look for, and also any big pitfalls I should try and avoid.
    Thank you very much,
    Ryan E

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    Another 800 going FIed.

    First off welcome to the confusion!!

    I am in the process of converting my 800A to FI also. Not many if other than just us two that I have heard of/from that are doing the 80/800 conversions.

    Most of the 4 holer guys seemed happy with there rigs with the carb. A few are wanting to go FI with there 4 cylinders so the talk on them have picked up some. Poor ole Bill is looking for a 4 banger to play with so that all the IH engines will be covered. To bad my little truck wasn't 4 cylinder!!

    Now back to your question, My harness came from a 89 chevy pickup. The computer you will use is a big factor when looking for the donor vehicle unless you can pick and choose parts you need from other vehicles. The 1227747 is the computer everyone is using so look for it first. Van harnesses are longer than the pickup ones if ya need the extra harness lenght and are plentiful. The pickup harness is plenty long for my 800 as I am mounting my ecm above the passengers foot well on the firewall.

    A good place to look for donor parts is on E-bay as complete setups have been bought for under 50 bills ( the luck some people have!!).

    AFI which is one of this boards sponsors sells a kit if needed and you supply some of the other needed items.

    Keep us (me) informed. Not many of us 80/800 FIed guys to ask questions of related to installing the system on our trucks.

    Wish ya luck!!

    I just noticed I'm now a "Senior Member" does that make me impotent? Oh that should say important!!!
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      Binderman thanks for the info and laughs, much appreciated during finals week. I plan and have the heads check for cracks and finding why the motor was taken out over X-mas break. Is the system from a 5.7L going to be too much for the 304 or should it work? I want to get the 800 running before I do the cosmetic work ( which it needs a lot of) Letm e see if I can attach a pic of it here.


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        Binderman your a senior member because you will have everyone injected this year but YOU!!!

        GET to work.

        The 5.7 will work fine but to say it's too big.......
        are you planning on having a chip made for it or just try to run the stock 350 chip?

        The system is the same for the 4.3, 5.0, and 5.7.
        The only thing that changed is the chip and the injectors.

        So is it too big?
        NOPE it will work fine.
        Good luck and I'll post your final here next week to see if you did your research!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Start with the main FI page and AFI's FAQ's.
        Bill USN-1

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