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  • Missing pieces and broken links

    So I figured out I have a '75 Holley carb on my '78 345 (CA emissions). Some tinkering has made it better, but PO gave me most of a fuel injection system along with some other spare parts. So instead trying to find the correct carb I'm going to make the EFI work.

    So first I have electronic Prestolite distributor and some Affordable Fuel Injection parts. The ECM, harness, throttle body, and control box for distributor are in the box. From my research at the company's web site it looks like I'm missing MAP sensor, 2 wire ECT, 3 wire oxygen sensor, fuel pump and fuel line adaptors for T/B. The question mark is whether I need to get the distributor, convert one from instructions here, or just correctly wire my current dizzy.

    It looks like no one has done this in a while, or least posted about it recently. I think I can either get the missing sensors relatively cheap at parts store or junk yard. But links to pictures and text from other web sites are missing or no longer valid. Some of these I need to make sure I am getting correct part and to get system setup correctly.

    What are people doing for installing oxygen sensor? Single sensor on dual exhaust? How close to exhaust manifold?

    I did read some instructions during a dizzy conversion about locking the mechanical advance. Will the electronic pick up work to trigger the EFI? Or do I need different pickup?

    Other than just using a hose to a vacuum port on the TBI, what are people doing to install a MAP? And what about ECT? Replace existing sensor or add a second sensor? Also where are people putting it?

    Any suggestions for a fuel pump? Such as brand and whether it's worth trying to do in tank vs external on frame.

    Bonus - any benefit from installing MSD 6A with EFI controlling timing or just stick with EFI and a good coil?

    Getting ready to stop leaving soot stains when I start the Scout, so any help would be great!

    Jason in Nashville.