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fuel injection or TBI for a 232 I-6

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  • fuel injection or TBI for a 232 I-6

    I have a '71 scout with a 232 straight six (3.8 liter) and am thinking of installing EFI or TBI on it. I am thinking of taking it off a 4.0 liter cherokee engine. I am not an expert but know enough, but i know enough that i need some expert advise from someone that has done it or something like it. any input would be greatly appreciated. it is the stock exhaust also and want to change that later, if that is that i don't need to change it for the EFI for flow and what not. please respond with anything you can. thanks

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    You may want to look at a couple of J**P sites. Theirs is the 258 I think.
    From what I have seen most are using the 4.3 V6 TBI system.
    It is the same one we are using so 90% of what we talk about will apply.
    Most of the FI coversion companies like the sponsor at the top of the page(AFI) probably have kits that use this system.
    Go to the main FI page on this site and check out some of the links.
    Bill USN-1

    May be the answer to all your fuel injection needs!
    Learn to do it right.


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      232 Conversion to TBI

      I am not sure what engine you have, is it a Chevy engine? We have done several of them and they work very well. This is what we have done though with everyone that we have done.

      First we go to good ole J.C. Whitney and purchase a 4 bbl. offenhauser intake manifold. We then use an adapter plate and adapt the 4 bbl. back down to a 2 bbl. We use the 4.3L TBI unit, make a custom harness and use a distributor from an 83 - 85 California straight 6 computer controlled engine (they are getting harder to find).

      The only draw back is the cost, this system when done costs $1650 for us to do it. When done though it is a great system.

      This can also be done with a 1 bbl. TBI unit and an adapter plate which would be much less expensive and still work. You would not get the power out of it that you do with the 4 bbl. manifold though.

      One unit that we did was in a Land Rover and the fuel economy went from 11 - 12 mpg to an average of 18 mpg and would run circles around the old carburetor.


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        First, Norm, this is a jeep inline six, a 258 with a shorter stroke and smaller combustion chambers.

        To use the 4.0 mpi:

        You will need to swap a 4.0 HO head ('91 and up) on because you cannot mount the 4.0 intakes to a 258 or 232 head.

        You will need to relocate the Crankshaft position sensor using a bracket from HESCO or maybe someone else. this is the most complex.

        TBI would be easier to install, but wouldn't generate as many horse as the MPI. Power, if it is your goal, dictates swapping out the 232 for a 258, a 4.0HO, or a 258 w/4.0 head or 4.0 stroker. If all you want is to be able to fire it up and go to work, let Norm help you out with a TBI system.

        Try the ORC short wheelbase jeep BBS for more info.