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Anyone using junkyard GM TBI parts working well??

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  • Anyone using junkyard GM TBI parts working well??

    I've been reading all about the GM TBI conversion. Is anyone using the bone stock GM parts from a junk yard or donor vehicle without any modifications to the chip? How is working out for you?(i know each engine is different!) Which ECM did you use? Which vehicle did the parts come from? What IH engine do you have? Thanks!

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    I see you have found this site. There are some really knowledgeable people here that can answer your questions. After watching Bills scout run a couple weeks ago without ANY problems. After seeing how well it ran with what was thrown at it I am sold on the conversion. There was another scout there owned by a member of the same group that was still working the bugs out of his conversion that ran well other than a little preignition trouble. I am by no means a carb man, as I can make one run but as far as tuning one I am lost, so the FI conversion will eliminate that headache for me. Get in, sit down, start up and drive off, I like that !!!!! Good Luck!!!

    My post from the BB:
    The link to the site below will answer most of your questions. I was around a scout (owned by the moderator of the FI section of the link listed) that had been converted to gm tbi with chip he burned that ran so well you could not tell it was running even at some really off camber angles. Have yet to scrounge up all the donor parts for my 800A. But I am gettin there. Good Luck!!!
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      I ran an 88 chevy 1500 350 system in one of mine for a while. It will run. How well depends on the stock chip thats in it.
      If you have a 345 and get a complete 350 system it will run. but due to the changes in engine technology the fuel and timing requirements are different. so as for how good it runs is a factor of how close your motor resembles the one the system came off of.
      I have accumulated about 8 factory chips now and I only use them as a baseline.
      I have about 30 other chips I rotate in and out of my eraser as I try new things to make them run better.
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