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    I was wondering if any progress had been made on getting CARB certification for fuel injection on 74 and up Scouts.
    I'd love to have F.I. but in the past there was no way to get past the visual here in California.

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    I talked with a guy here a while back that told me the law was changed and the emissions testing/inspection will start to only go back 25 years. I am not completely sure if this is true but this guy had a friend of his that worked for C.A.R.B.

    That being said I have seen people do different things. I have heard of some people calling C.A.R.B. and getting the unit cerified because they have been approved for more modern controls on older engines. As long as there is some negotiations up front I have heard of people getting through with modern controls on older vehicles. The law though I do not think reads that way.

    Maybe C.A.R.B. is actually getting some smarts.


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      Calif Emissions - Any news?

      I want a TBI system on my '76 Scout's 304.
      Here in Calif, it looks like it might be that 1976 and newer vehicles will permanently be subjected to biennial emissions testing.

      I have been hearing that many people have been taking their older vehicles (upgraded to FI) to the emissions referee and getting them passed.

      I'd like to know if anyone here has dealt with that and if so, how did you go about it?


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        CA emissions

        CA emissions is a very complicated issue and in my studies over the past couple of months I have seen some very different and loop hole type of compliance.

        From what I can tell many of the emission houses are passing fuel injected converted vehicles knowing that they are much better than carburetors. It seems that if you maintain the original emission items and you convert to fuel injection that they are allowing these to go through.

        This means that you must maintain a functional A.I.R. pump, EGR valve and any other original equipment emission items as well as catalytic converters.

        It is my understanding that these older vehicles especially are going through the emission inspection with fuel injection as it does help the air quality.

        If the vehicle is equipped with an A.I.R. pump it will require a rather expensive ECM controlled diverter valve to control it.


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          Well, this is a situation where I feel fortunate in that my '76 304's OEM emissions equipment consists of PCV, fuel evap canister, and EGR. The Calif Scout II 304 did not require an air pump or catalysts (no Scout cats until '79).

          One of my main goals of installing an EFI system on my vehicle is for consistancy in (low) emissions with every inspection, for the life of the vehicle. Currently, with the carburetor, every biennial inspection is preceded by tinkering, nervousness, and usually an emissions pre-test. I really like the idea of just driving in and passing the test, just like my late-model EFI vehicles.


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            20 Years ago I dealt with the CA. left wing tree hugger enviormentalist terrorist nazi smog police and they were very rude to deal with and basically didn't want to deal with you or a problem. After repeated attempts to be polite I just stood there at the counter and said NO! I will not leave I want to talk to your supervisor. Which was another battle! I mean these guys were just like zombie robots that weren't aloud to think! It was by all accounts a dreaded and feared place to be !

            After all was said and done they educated themselves in the overwhelming magnitude of the crap written into law by boneheads that had no idea how to deal with cars or emissions.

            Finally they found a way around a piece of equipment that was no longer available. Just by filling out a couple of forms.

            I'm glad to see you are dealing with a different attitude to solve the same problem.

            From talking with guys recently it seems it can be done, like Norm said and is being done regularly. But it is very specific to the year make model to achieve compliance with the referee. But not hard!

            One guy told me he left the air pump on and hooked up but it was blocked inside and he passed. It was there to comply with visual inspection but with FI wasn't needed to meet the emissions test. Is it true that the air pump is not needed with FI ?
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              Originally posted by Eagle-Mark
              Is it true that the air pump is not needed with FI ?
              My 89 2.8 V6 S-15 has a smog pump, but i have two (89,90) 1 ton GM busses at school that do not have a smog pump:confused:
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