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Solutions...a follow-up.

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  • Solutions...a follow-up.

    Hi again,

    Figured out some of my issues with EGT and such.

    1. I hear that the air injection system was used in the 70's with small valved vehicles to produce a high egt to cook off unburnt hydrocarbons. evidenly the disconnection of the air pump can cause the temps to rise.

    2. Advance...that had a lot to do with it. Obviously, the more you retard the timing the closer the burn gets to the time when the exhaust valve opens and less of the heat is absorbed by the head, more of it is spit out the exhaust. I advanced the timing significantly and dropped the temps by about 400 degrees. The advanced setup probably provides a cooler burn as well for some reason i'm not entirely familiar with.

    3. My digital 2d system with potentiometer controls can be upgraded to the commander 950 ecu with the load sensed by a manifold air pressure sensor. the part number for the ecu, harness and extra sensors is: 950-113. Summit Racing shows the price at $833.69...yeeeow! perhaps if i turbocharge it in the future.